Admission And Academics


Any new student who plans to attend Maranatha Academy(M.A.) must complete an application form supplied by the school for this purpose and must pay the stated application fee (Online Registration is now possible – visit the website at  The student must request that an official transcript of his or her grades be forwarded by his or her former Principal to Maranatha Academy. No student will be admitted into school membership until his or her application is completed. All new students must also take an entrance or placement examination before being enrolled in their classes(also available online). Entrance into M.A. is not automatic. Students must meet the academic standards of at least 60% pass average, as well as moral standards of the school. Students MUST have legal status in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Maranatha Academy welcomes applications from people of all races, religions, or nationality whose standards are in harmony with the principles and ideas of the school as stated in the objectives and governing policies. To be accepted as a student, an application must give evidence of good character, intelligence, health and a desire to follow the programme outlined by the school.


Payment of school fees for all new and registered  students must be done   before or at the beginning of  each term for  students  to  begin classes. 

Every student must present a Class Admission Slip to his or class teacher at the beginning of each term. No student will be admitted to his or her class unless he or she has a Class Admission Slip.


At the end of each school year, each student must complete an Intention to Return Form/ Online registration for.  Make payment of any prescribed registration fees. This procedure ensures that the student has a place for the new school year. If a student does not return a completed form by the last day of school, it will be assumed that the student will not return for the new school year, and a place will not be guaranteed for him/her.

Each student also needs to be registered for each school term

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